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The SHARPCentral website uses cookies to store certain data of visitors of the site. Cookies are temporary files which are stored on your computer and that can be used for a next vist of the site of the same user.

Reason for using Cookies

The cookies are not used for internal or external research but purely for a better tuning of the website and the visitors. No data is collected and/or given to a third party.

Cookies do not contain personal data

The cookies do not contain personal data. You cannot identified by the cookies-data. Cookies also can not be used to identify you on a third party website.

Objection to use of cookies

Do you have an objection for using cookies? You can switch off cookies via your browser settings. Switching cookies off in your browser can have effect on the operation of the website, some data is needed for a correct or faster use of the website.

Overview cookies SHARPCentral

SHARPCentral has been built in Drupal (Open Source) several modules use cookies for layout and navigation of the website. These cookies are used:

Name Domain Length of time Target
has_js End of session Determination of state of use of javascript.
SESSx1y2z3 24 days Determine of the user is still logged on (x1y2z3 has a variable content).